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Instagram, yes, the trendy social network. This subject complement has been true since the creation of the network. It was first trendy for early adopters, then for Android users; you might remember the clash that started with iPhone users for who took the best pictures… Anyway, arguing and wasting some of their time.

For some time, Instagram was the social network of celebrities, then came the turn of photographers, to later be bought by Facebook… And let’s not forget the stage where we are now, which we could sum up as: “my daughter has over 1,000 followers on Instagram.” A sentence said by a proud mother that marks the milestone of the new fashion time on Instagram (and we have not forgotten selfies, we just do not care about them).

However it may be, there is always some social network that goes trendy. In fact, if we look at the type of contents, there have also been different trends… Monotonous trends: kittens, girls posing as models, feet, legs in the foreground of a beach or pool, models, more models, and the trend that makes me fall in love: food.

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We can take pictures of virtually anything, something that has become even more true since mobile phones have democratised photography to anybody with a good eye for beauty and good filters. Hence we include here some tips to publish on Instagram and survive.

1. Pictures format. Pictures on Instagram have a ratio 1:1. Some say that this format was chosen because pictures are displayed on the timeline of users holding the mobile device vertically, and there also had to be room for the username, date, likes and picture description.

If you are going to take pictures with the mobile app, you should set by default the functionality 1:1 or try to figure out how will the picture look like in the end. It would not be the first time that when Instagram cuts the picture it chops off someone’s head or ruins a landscape.

2. Following the logic we have set in this article, after framing the motive we have to take the picture. Clicking is the easy part; a nice result is not so. In my opinion, there are two types of pictures: on the one hand, there are the pictures that portrait a scene whose meaning lies on the object photographed, e.g. a dish, a scene with people or objects, a composition with the elements that compose the image, etc.

On the other hand, we find the more emotional and conceptual images. In this kind of images, the meaning is extracted after combining the image, filters, colours, compositions, descriptive text, etc. The framing, sharpness or blurring we want to add to the picture will have a vital importance. If you want to take good care of your Instagram channel, whether you are a brand or not, it is very important that you think twice before you upload a picture.

3. Edit pictures. To edit a picture, we have the different filters of the app. We can also use many other applications – one of our favourites is Snapseed (iPhone and Android), with which we can edit pictures fully (size, brightness, filters, details, etc.). After it is edited as desired, always with a nice result, we will upload it to Instagram and publish it.

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Do not to overuse filters… Or do overuse filters? We are never clear about this. The truth is that some pictures look very nice without filters, and others look better after a lot of editing. It depends on what you are looking for, the perspective you want to give the picture, the meaning… Everything is important in picture editing.

4. The picture description is the title, but also an explanation. Sometimes it will be a word, sometimes it will be a sentence, and other times it will be a full paragraph or a story. Everything takes part of the art of photography. You can also add two, three, or up to four or five hashtags. Instagram users normally use them to find related content, so it is very important that they relate to the picture, especially if you want to have followers.

5. Interacting with other users is crucial. Instagram is a social network, and it is needless to say that social networks expect interactions with the followers, know who follows you or who are people following. Like and comment, but there are limits. Do not become tiresome and do not spam by clicking on the hearts or commenting or mentioning constantly that person you want to follow you.

However, the best way to publish on Instagram is to do it wisely. Do not what you would not want others to do on you-stop mention with no reason, or tagging, and do not add zillions of useless hashtags nor take pictures of every move you make. How will you manage your Instagram?

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