Microinfluencers for a much more effective marketing


A lot has been said lately about marketing with influencers. Just like with any other fashion, there are no real news, they are the same things but presented differently.

How does marketing with influencers work?

Easy. To promote a brand, companies pick a celebrity and they take advantage of their popularity to present a product that he or she can show to his/her fans. You can see zillions of examples on TV campaigns, movies, etc.

However, this is not always effective. If Cristiano Ronaldo recommends a watch, this will for sure guarantee that many people know about the product. The problem is that most will know that it is an ad for which Ronaldo has received a stack of money. People will not see it as Ronaldo’s recommendation, but as a sponsored message orchestrated by a creative agency and many hours of hard work. What is more, Ronaldo may never use the watch.

A step below celebrities, we can find opinion leaders. These are influencers in a specific area. They are people famous in their area, with a reputation of hard work and a high level of credibility. When these influencers recommend something, they do it because they feel it.

This makes the message more credible, and it has more chances of reaching the final user. The drawback with this kind of people is that they do not always approach you directly. We cannot know them personally, which can downgrade the force of the message.

The power of microinfluencers

poder de los microinfluencers

Is it possible then to reduce the area of influence even more? Yes, if you reach people who are much closer to you and you know personally. These are microinfluencers, popular accessible people from a particular area of interest. These microinfluencers have a stronger power to convince, and thus their message is more effective. The messages that they send are trustworthy, and their followers feel attached to them. They are real brand microprescriptors and their fans believe them no matter what.

This explains the success of new networks that make use of this “micropower”, as is the case of SocialPubli.com. It is a platform that puts brands in touch with influencers. These influencers are not celebrities, but everyday people who are in a digital environment that believes in what they tell and have a circle of friends. If Cristiano Ronaldo recommends you a watch, you will not really believe in the product; and even if you do, you may not have the money to buy it. On the other hand, if it is a friend who loves watches who tells you, it is a more adequate message if you are considering buying a watch.

Albert Einstein said that “Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.” If the example comes from a close individual whom you admire, his or her power of influence will be stronger and more credible.

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