What KPIs from your social networks interest you?

That in Google everything can be measured, we know. That we can get a lot of data, we know. Now… How can we not get lost in a tide of insights when what we want is to measure the performance of our networks? Knowing which KPIs are interesting, sometimes, is not so easy to determine. That’s why today in our blog we tell you how to collect the necessary data to monitor and evaluate well the social networks of your business or brand.

What is a KPI?

First things first, we’re not going to bore you either because you probably already know, but, just in case, you need to know what a KPI for a report is. It is a “Key Performance Indicator”. Come on, those data that allow you to know the important figures.

What are the interesting KPIs in social networks?

On the one hand, we find the generic KPIs that we are interested in obtaining from all our networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc, and, on the other hand, specific KPIs that we are interested in knowing from each social network depending on its typology, what its main use is, how its structure is… Let’s take steps.

Generic KPIs to all RRSS

We entered 6 interesting KPIs in terms of the social network landscape in general, i.e. applicable to various social networks:

  1. Activity metrics: these metrics measure the volume of activity of our networks. They are activity metrics, for example, the ratio of contents or publications, or the average response time.
  2. Reach metrics: they will give you the necessary information about your audience and its growth. This type of metrics includes the number of followers, growth rate or brand awareness, for example.
  3. Commitment metrics: serve to measure engagement, such as the rate of amplification.
  4. Acquisition metrics: measure in a deeper way the relationship of users with your brand. They are the best known, such as the number of page views, sessions, e-mail subscriptions…
  5. Conversion metrics: they measure the moments in which users make a desired action such as buying a product, spending X time on our website, subscribing to our newsletter… This group includes insights such as conversion rate, return on investment…etc.
  6. Loyalty metrics: these metrics give us information about the behaviour and interests of our customers, such as the customer satisfaction index, their comments on the networks…etc.

On Facebook, we recommend that you measure…

kpis redes sociales

  1. The total of “I like” on your page, both organic and paid.
  2. The new “I like” for a period of time.
  3. Sources of the new “I like”.
  4. Total reach, both organic and paid (note that Facebook has reduced the organic reach of company pages or fanpages to make more use of its Facebook Ads campaign platform).
  5. Commitment KPIs:
    1. I like it in your publications.
    2. Comments in your publications.
    3. Publicaciones que has hecho y que han sido compartidas.
  6. Total visits to your page.
  7. Scope of publications.
  8. Click on the publications.
  9. Click on your published links.
  10. People talking about this (PTAT).
  11. Participation rate (PTAT x number of followers).

On Twitter, we recommend that you measure…

kpis redes sociales

  1. Total followers.
  2. New trackers every period (e.g. every month).
  3. Commitment KPIs:
    1. Mentions.
    3. Answers or comments.
    4. Private messages.
    5. Favorites.
  4. Number of prints.
  5. Level of influence: you can measure it with various tools, such as Kred or the old Klout, renamed Lithium (although it is now paid).
  6. Traffic.
  7. Response rate and average response time.

At Google +, we recommend that you measure…

kpis redes sociales

  1. Total number of followers and circles.
  2. New followers and circles per period.
  3. Insights of commitment:
    1. +1s
    2. Mentions.
    3. Times it’s been shared.
  4. Traffic generated.

On YouTube, we recommend that you measure…

kpis redes sociales

  1. The total number of reproductions of the channel.
  2. The new reproductions by period.
  3. The total number of subscribers
  4. New subscribers by period.
  5. Insights of commitment:
    1. I like them and I don’t like them.
    2. Shared videos.
    3. Favorites.
  6. Fuentes de tráfico:
    1. Direct traffic.
    2. Apps.
    3. References of YouTube reproductions.
    4. External references to YouTube.

At Instagram, we recommend that you measure…

 kpis redes sociales

  1. Total number of publications.
  2. The frequency of publication.
  3. The total followers.
  4. New followers by period.
  5. The impact of your hashtags.
  6. Insights of commitment:
    1. I like the number.
    3. Clicks.
  7. Visits to the website, if you have one, that come from Instagram.

Now that you know which KPIs interest you… Give those reports a hard time!

 kpis redes sociales

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