Tu blog es tu marca personal

Your blog is your personal brand

People, just like companies, can build a personal brand resulting from their activity on social networks, especially if we look at the kind of people and institutions that these people follow. There are different factors to bear in mind when thinking about developing our personal brand, but this was already dealt with in a previous article.

Now, how can we export our most honest personal brand? When we discussed this topic on the other article, we mentioned the different options you have to build your own brand, e.g. presenting yourself as a photographer. But you can also “rank” yourself through movies, music or words for their own sake, i.e. writing a blog as a tool to share all what you know about a specific topic.

But here comes the question: do you have to be an expert on that topic before you can have a say? If we focus on blogs, we know that there are professionals who write about some area of knowledge to be shared afterwards on the internet. This is one use of a blog, but we can also take advantage of this virtual spaces to talk about topics that concern us and we think that could be interesting for somebody else.

A way to start a personal blog can be focusing on an area of knowledge you feel comfortable with. But if we want this blog to become a reflection of our personal brand, we can write about what crosses our mind to show publicly how we think. The contents may be related to an area of knowledge we like to discuss: politics, economics, science…

If we are lucky, our posts will catch the attention of others that want to comment on what you wrote, and they may even provide their own view. Readers may even reply from their own blog, writing from their own personal brand.

How would a personal blog work? It does not differ much from any other kind of blog, with the difference that in this case we are using this tool as something in between a newspaper column-which you will very likely not get published on a newspaper-and a Facebook post, where we risk writing too much and thus preventing people from reading it from top to bottom.

Technology provides tools to help managing personal branding. What is more, what we write on social networks can be read by anyone, so if we strongly believe in what we support and we think that it could be interesting for somebody else, do not hesitate to speak it up. If we are lucky, critics will question our train of thought and the brand we have considered to shape ourselves in the virtual world.

In the past, knowledge was only for a reduced few. The internet means perhaps the greatest democratization that knowledge and sharing ideas has ever experienced. What we say on social networks will remain forever in cyberspace. But instead of fearing that the NSA might be spying on us, we should instead take this opportunity to show that knowledge is free, and so are opinions.

If you think that all this about personal branding and the other self we all have on the internet is just irrelevant, give it a second thought. You can make a lot more of who you are and what you know, and this is something you can reflect on social networks. Not everybody will like you, but this is as real as life itself. You just need to please the right people. You never know where words can take you…

Do not hesitate for a moment. Take your pen (or keyboard) and start your own blog. You may find out the great lot you had to say.

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